At Immanuel we love to have little ones running around.  We have several options for families during the service.  Nursery care is provided for children three and under.  We ask that older children remain in the sanctuary for just a little while and be a part of our Children’s Time.

Children’s Time takes place about ten minutes after the beginning of service.  The children walk up to the front of the sanctuary and have a couple minutes with Rev Bev.  She’ll talk about the Bible passage and give the kids something they can relate to. For many of our congregation this is their favorite part of Sunday! After Rev Bev is done the children make their way to Sunday School.

Our Sunday School is run by church volunteers and is pretty informal.  An average lesson consists of a Bible story and a craft.  Although, some of our teachers have gotten pretty creative in the past couple years.  Don’t be surprised if the children have put together a quick play or have gone outside in nicer weather!  The majority of our lessons emphasize Christ’s love for us and our community.  The children always enjoy it.

Some children choose to stay with their parents for the entire service; and others would prefer to stay with their siblings in the nursery.  That’s OK!! We want your family to feel comfortable here.  We don’t mind squirmy kids in the pews or the occasional noise.  Toddlers have been known to make a mad dash toward the pastor during the sermon.  Here at Immanuel we are family, children and all.